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I am planning to visit Roatan to see if it would be a fit for me to retire to’ After a first visit I would plan a 3-6 month trial rental and would love some advice as to the best places. I would like it fairly quiet but easy to bus or taxi to market,etc as I plan to at least start out car free. Maybe slightly uphill? Please give me suggestions.

Please help.

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Hello @johntimber, and welcome to the Forum!

There are a few neighborhoods which might fit the “car-free” requirement: 1) Sandy Bay, West End, and there are a few neighborhoods outside of Coxen which would give you quiet you are after.

My first thought, however, was to move east if you’re looking for true silence. Oakridge and Jonesville are two good areas with easy transportation access to French Harbour.

When are you are on the island next?


Welcome @johntimber.

Consider Sandy Bay during the rental stage so that you can connect with other expats. Then, use that time to move around personally to the various areas which might work for you. What is most important is to connect with others who share in the relocation journey you’ve decided to embark on. Best of luck. Let us know here if you have any other questions.


Hi @johntimber! Sandy Bay is a good choice. I’d also like to recommend Mangrove Bight (Between West End and Sandy Bay) which is a little closer (Walking Distance, 1KM maybe) to West End. Housing will be more expensive as you get closer to West End. I’ve heard of fully furnished 1 bedroom homes being rented out for around $500 a month in Mangrove Bight. The best place to do grocery shopping is Coxen Hole, so whether you are in Sandy Bay or Mangrove Bight, you will have to get on a bus or taxi to get there. A taxi from Mangrove Bight to Coxen Hole is about 20 minutes; From Sandy Bay, around 10-15 minutes. i hope this info helps.


@johntimber this question, of course, is directly related to your burn rate. Have you had a moment to think through a budget? this might help us better suggest a neighborhood. If the sky is the limit, I’ll see you down in Sandy Bay or over on Lawson Rock.

Check out Mar Vista as well, just off the south western tip of Roatan. Small communities near keyholes. Its windy (low bugs) and yet still near West Bay and West End.


Consider renting in Sandy Bay or in French Harbour.


The are around Coxen Hole and French Harbor are the most developed and offer the most option for transportation.

If you’re looking for a beach side community, Sandy Bay, West End, Jonesville, and West Bay are excellent options.


Hello all! Wendy from Texas here . . . I’ve visited Roatan twice the past 2 years and fell in love. I’ve recent;y quit my job and am planning a month-long visit in August. I can hardly wait to escape! I am, looking for a place to live/rent on the cheap while there. I would also like to contribute some of my time to a worthwhile cause or doing some good while there. Any insight and recommendations are appreciated. :relaxed:


Hello @Wendizzle and welcome to our forum. What follows is a short list of forum members who you might contact directly as you look to get settled in:

For Nonprofit & Volunteer work @ledfutt (Debbie) might be a good resource for you.

For Real-Estate listings, @Larry32roatan or @jorgechavezonroatan are battled tested real estate professionals who might be able to assist.

You may also consider posting in the Facebook groups (Ask Anything - Roatan). The admin there are knowledgeable and helpful.

Consider keeping us in the loop here so that others after you might benefit from what you learn.

@Colleen_Quinn - You recently went through this…any helpful tips for Wendi?

Kind regards.


Thanks for your feedback - much appreciated!


Hi Wendy (@Wendizzle). We have 3 rentals in Palmetto Bay, North Shore. I also have a friend in Sandy Bay that has three places to rent. My contact info is Anna@Moskowitzhq.com


@Wendizzle - How did it go? Were you able to find a place?


Hello @Canadian! I haven’t found a place yet, any leads you could share?


Does $1,100 per month fall within your budget?


@Wendizzle - I presume you are settled into a new place on Roatan by now?


Coastal View apartment in West Bay for long term rental

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