Roatan Water Taxi

Water Taxi

Roatan offers many ways to get around. Few methods are more enjoyable than that of getting around on a water taxi. The island is small enough to where you can charter a water taxi to take you anywhere on the island. That said, the most densely populated area on the island is the west end. There are dedicated Water Taxi routes going to and from West End and West Bay. These taxi’s run a route on the northwestern corner of the island. This part of the island enjoys calm winds and tranquil waters.

The “Water Taxi Hub” on the island are based out of West End, which is the most densely populated town on the west end of the island. West End is located in a small cove and water taxi’s find shelter there, and most taxi owners park their taxi’s there overnight.

Many hotels on the island are near the water, so if you are thinking about leaving the hotel, ask around, they may be able to connect you with a water taxi. You’ll find the experience more enjoyable and less expensive than taking a traditional taxi.


Getting around Roatan can be fun. And like in all cases abroad, you should always use good judgement when making your travel arrangements.

  • Ask you local Hotel what the going rate for a water taxi should be?
  • Avoid traveling at night
  • Avoid traveling alone.
  • Have fun!, you’re in Roatan!