Looking for the best beach in Roatan


I’m coming down with my two daughters 4 yrs and 2 yrs for Thanksgiving week and an looking for beach that’s similar to Anguilla (for those in the know). Very gentle bays with bright white “baby powder” sand.

Is there such a thing in RTB?

From the pics it seems like West Bay may be up my alley.



Hello @axartb - and welcome to the forum.

There are several places with calm waters perfect for children. You might consider other deciding factors before you settle on a spot.

Your initial thought of West Bay is spot on. West Bay is world class by any measure. Further still, you’ll have the most options for water activities. The drawback is that it is a little more expensive than other areas. A good hotel to consider here is Paradise Beach Hotel, Infinity Bay, and Grand Roatan…(these hotels are in ascending cost order).

HINT: locals eat at restaurants not on the waterfront and spend less money to do so.

West End is another alternative. The waters in HaBayMoon bay are totally calm and clear. Snorkeling is not as good as further out in the lagoon you’ll come across more seagrass than you will coral reef. BUT, there are more eateries and it is more lively. West End is a little more commercial and vibrant…overall cheaper hotels. Unlike West Bay which was known for being the “resort” alley.

HINT: You can take a water taxi to and from West Bay and West End all day long and deep into the night. So you could come to enjoy both locations on the same visit and on the same day.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you any other questions!

The sand in Roatan is not “bright white” but you wouldn’t know it by the clarity of the water. Don’t get me wrong, the sand is excellent, but there are places in the Gulf of Mexico (Destine Florida), and Eleuthera (Bahamas) were the sand is whiter than it is in Roatan.

  1. West Bay is a good choice especially if you are traveling with two young children that might want to be entertained. Infinity Bay has an inflatable playground that they put out which sits on 2 ft of water which only adds to the fun. They have a nice pool too.

  2. Consider Little French Key. If only for a day trip. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. It is a paradise inside of a paradise.

  3. West End is good too. Look into the Beach House and Eco Lodge Divers.

The Buccaneer is my personal favorite. But they are not a resort. They are a nice restaurant in French Harbor. They have a great tied pool which is PERFECT for kids.

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Thank you for both of your responses.

I’m glad you all “get” what I’m trying to describe
Crystal clear waters about as warm as a bath tub (the warmth of the water can actually be a bad thing)

Basically, I’m looking for picturesque environs.

I’m going to book my hotel today and Infinity Bay is at top of the list because they have a deal with Expedia right now.

Little French Key is EXACTLY what I’m looking for but it doesn’t appear that they have overnight lodging (they cater to cruise ship day guests)

Upachaya seems cool as well but don’t know how far it is from the beach I described above.

Things to do:
My kids care about nothing but getting in the swimming pool

  1. I need a place with a pool
  2. I think that Gumbalimba or Carambola is a MUST
  3. Glassbottom boat

That about covers it. We’ll figure the rest out while we’re on ground.

Thanks for all the advice.


What do you all think about Las Verandas?
Website looks NICE
And Parrot Resort got sold out for my dates.

So now it’s a choice between Infinity Bay vs Las Verandas

Cost is negligible (they are the same price not that I have an unlimited budget :wink: )


Hello @axartb - Thank you for posting on our forum.

Little French Key does have an overnight stay offering but its a bit too “romantic” for a dad and two children. West Bay is a good choice. Infinity Bay is a good choice.

You SHOULD still consider Little French Key as a day trip. It will be about a 30 drive from West Bay, but you can make that a “shore excursion” day.

On this day trip you can visit Little French Key and Big French and Key…AND Arch’s Iguana park. When you get out there for the day, you should reach out to @Getaway_tours - they are the best locals to show you around that area.

Day trip should include:
*Iguana Tour
*Sloth Petting & photo
*Little French Key/Big French Key
*Reef Tour of Mayan park for GoPro photo op

@Getaway_tours can you think of anything else they can do on this day trip if they choose to take one?

@axartb - Here is a VIDEO we made with the guidance of Getaway Tours…and we did not even go to Little French Key. These guys know the area and oh, by the way, they now have a subwing!

What else do you need from us?

You will LOVE Roatan.

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No Creole’s yesterday
I don’t think we’ll make it to LFK today either with this rain.
Not storming. Just enough of a drizzle to be annoying (and its not warm enough to get in the water without bright sunshine).

There is a cruise ship in tomorrow and I’d rather not do anything when cruise ships are in.
Brings the beast out of folks.

I need to go to downtown Coxen Hole to get some pics printed and but postcard stamps but other than that we’ll be in the room watching Spanish Peppa Pig.


Did you make it out to Little French Key? - I understand the owner has artificially grown the little key using the natural tied of the sea. He somehow has made a barricade whereby the current naturally deposits sand during the high tied and then the sand deposit stays put when the tied goes out.

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