Roatan West End Tour

One of our very own made this video!

Let us join Roatan Excursions on a short joy ride up & down West End.

Regardless how where you end up staying while in Roatan. Your trip will not be complete unless you visit West End.

West End is home to many of the islands best dive shops and fishing charters. They are privileged in that they have a nice calm water cove. Many of the water taxi’s dock in West End over night in sheltered water.

By day, West End is one of the most popular places for tourist to shop. And at night, it is one of the most popular places for tourist to enjoy a night out.


Nightlife capital of Roatan…there I said it. Romantic too, something about being near the water at night with peers and lights…totally awesome.


Nice video! Makes me want to go back!


There are few places better than this on the island. Good food. Good views. Good sports. Good Diving. Good drinks. Active all day long. Local.


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