Expat Living in Roatan but commuting for work in U.S

Does anyone have experience living in Roatan but working or commuting in the U.S.? My wife and I are trying to relocate from the U.S. to Roatan but keep are existing jobs. That would entail her working from home remote in Roatan but me flying out 50% of the time back and forth to the U.S. for work.

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I did that for 10 years, keeping an apartment in the U.S. and changing locations every month or so. But in my case, my wife went with me.

From what I understand, both you and your wife will only be allowed to stay on the island for 90 consecutive days and will be required to leave Honduras for 72 hours before you can return. So that is an expense you should include in your re-location plans, since your wife will also have to travel every 3 months.

Hi @terechma

Here’s a thread that might be useful

Thank you for the info. We have already been working with John & Barbara Morris from Roatan Life Reality for years. but I will reach out to the Lawyer. My company is having difficulty figuring out how to pay me since I am not an independent contractor and they do not have offices in Honduras. I will still be working in the U.S. and I know I still need to pay U.S. taxes as well as Honduras as a resident. They are also having difficulty with figuring out the Health insurance situation.

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