First time to Roatan

Hello Roatan community,

It is so nice to be part of of this forum and share the same interest for beautiful Roatan. I am planning a trip for next year, in May, to Roatan. I am thinking of staying 2 full weeks, although, not sure if this is too much or not.
I would just need a few tips here, if possible, regarding what are the main attractions. Also, i know that, the island is big and divided into several zones: which one is best to choose accommodation for? If you have suggestions regarding some nice hotels/resorts, i am more than happy to receive them.
It would be great also to know if, there are local travelling agencies that promote certain tours - i will rely mostly on as i don’t have any friends nor do i know someone from Roatan.
In conclusion, any help is much appreciated as this would be my first trip to Central America and Honduras.
Enjoy everyone a lovely summer!

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Welcome, please go to Facebook Roatan pages to get great information.

Roatan is not that large…20 miles tip to tip. However you are correct that it’s divided into many communities. East side and west side. East side is quiet solitude with only a minimal of restaurants or bar venues. Grocery shops are scarce. West part of the island is more populated and the big tourist hotels are in West Bay and the smaller, more intimate hotels are in West End. Plenty of VRBO and AirBnB opportunities too. In West End I like The Beach House…small but luxe. great restaurant and bar on site and next to at least three different dive shops. Also next to the best beachside bar on the island: Sundowners. There are plenty of tour guides to take you to places like AKR in Sandy Bay for the dolphins, or also in Sandy Bay for sloths and monkey visits. Boat rentals for day trips or fishing are also abundant on the west end of the island. Zip lining is quite popular and there are at least three places on the west side that can accommodate. Have fun!

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Hi Carol,

Happy day!

Thank you so much for your helpful insights, really appreciated. Enjoy a pleasant week ahead!

This is the trouble with forms many people speak, and they think they know however, they do not. Roatan took the tip is 40 miles long and at the widest part is about 4 1/2 miles wide. You are correct there are numerous areas they have a completely different vibe to each one. The main ones are West , Bay , Beach and West End. However there are many hotels and resorts throughout the island including Sandy Bay coxen Hole, French Harbor, Oak Creek, Camp, Bay, porta Gorda, and Saint Helen. As other people said, the Facebook has many pages of Roatan information to give you a better feel of each community I can say two weeks is not enough for all that there is to do and see on Roatan I have lived there part time for over four years and I find new things every time I go.