Getting mail to the island?

I’m curious if/how people get normal things shipped to the island. I’ve had a few different responses to this question. Is Amazon completely out? I’m going to list my parents address in WA State for many things. Is it possible to ship stuff there and then have them send it down? Do you basically just give up online shopping? Thanks!

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The short answer is Yes, you do. The long answer is NO, you don’t.

Once you move to Roatan, the days of ordering a nice book on your Prime account with a next day delivery date are all but gone.

You’ll have to ship items to a local US based address and then a forwarder will get you the product a few days later. Dip Shipping, for example, keeps a US based PO Box and physical address for their clients. You can ship there and then they will forward the goods to you in Honduras.

Small parcels are defined as packages weighing less than 150 lbs. These packages can be tendered to airlines under their “Cargo” counters so that you can get items a little faster. For example, from Houston, United offers services over their “Central Cargo” division which allows someone to tender a small package to you, which you will retrieve at the airport in RTB. Small packages can be sent in the belly of direct flights in this manner.

Most, simply use maritime forwarders like Dip Shipping to get larger less urgent items.

Hope this helps.


Ok that is really good information! Thank you!

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We use the process described by @RoatanOnline also @jimscott007. As a commercial operator with guests coming and going; we have also used a few suitcases ;-). Fernandez Express in Dallas also offers the consolidated shipping with a “box” at their facility. They are easy to work with and reliable. Otherwise, you can receive mail via the post office in Coxen Hole. It’s pretty comical to go ask for your mail and she sorts through the piles and finds it and you will find it was mailed about 30-90 days prior. We have had some delivered in the past, but I believe they quit that practice. It’s a fun experience, have someone mail you a postcard and check it out. Hope you are settling into the island and this message finds you doing well!

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