I want to send a package

I want to send a package from Texas to a friend he gave me this as his address in roatan flowers bay before the basketball field roatan Honduras 98364799 is this all I would need to send it via mail I don’t know about zip code if it needs one

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Check out this thread

Zip code too, apartment or house # if it has.

While I do not recommend sending packages thru the mail to Roatan, there is an actual address you use and it will be delivered to the post office in Roatan. It is written as such: Name of Friend, Their local phone number, Coxen Hole Roatan, Islas de la Bahia, Honduras, C.A. 34101 Once it is received in Coxen Hole, they will call your friend to pick up. Remember: there is no mail delivery here. Another option is to send it via a shipping company. Do Not use Federal Express. They not only charge you to send it but will charge recepient to receive it. And it’s on their whim what that charge will be.

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