Getting Mail

I have a couple questions about transitioning to a permanent residence on the island. How do you guys handle mail? USPS doesn’t say much about forwarding to international addresses. Do most people use a relative’s or friend’s address to have mail sent to while waiting for a permanent residence? About how long does it take for mail to come from the states?

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Hello @Bkjacobs,

Here is a link that addresses your question about receiving mail head on:

Thank you for bring a part of our online community.

In my opinion you are ■■■■ out of luck for mail. Shipping and buying things online you can do and have it shipped to Hyde in Miami and they will ship it here.

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Thanks. Sounds like my best option is to go paperless on everything possible.

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I did receive a piece of mail at the Oak Ridge Post office from Canada. Took a very long time to obtain, but I’m not sure if it was delivery time or the post office being closed every time I went to pick it up. A friend noticed it there one hay they were in and picked it up for me. So it IS possible for mail, just don’t count on timing :slight_smile:

For the opposite way - A friend had to mail a box of goodies back to Germany from Utila (Next Island to the west). A fairly big box. It was $85 in postage and the box arrived at it’s destination inside of 2 weeks.

Hope that helps.

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