Moving soon, should we keep an address in the U.S.?

We purchased a home in Roatan and are planning our move. Will be selling our house in the U.S. before the move. Is it best to keep an address in the U.S. (maybe with a family member) for tax purposes, US driver’s license, etc.? Curious how other US expats have handled this. Thank you!


hello @bbceap - and welcome to the forum.

YES. You should. This can be a PO Box, a family friend, etc…many Expats use a US based address to get shipments delivered from Amazon and other online retailers as well. So if you can keep an address for little to no money, you should.

By contrast, many of the freight forwarders also offer an address which you can use if you wanted your items delivered via maritime to Roatan.


Yes…if only for a little while until you get familiar with “life on Roatan”…

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Thank you both for your responses and guidance!

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