HELP - looking for a missing friend


Hi, I am seeking help locating Paige Lambert or her daughter Juliet Lambert. Paige may be using a different last name. I am a friend of her daughter in Mexico and I am concerned as I have not heard from her. If anybody has any information I would be very grateful. Thank you. My email is


There’s a person named Paige Lambert in Utila. I’ve messaged her for you. I hope you two are connected. I’ll send you a message when I hear from her. Good luck!


Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I am friends with her daughter Juliet Lambert who lived in México City and left sometime ago without notice. She is a dear, dear friend and I want to know that she is alright since no one I have contacted here in Mexico has any information on her. I really appreciate your help. I am glad to know that Paige is fine. Thanks again and best regards. Thérèse


I just did the same as Anna before seeing her reply. I also have a few mutual FB friends with Paige and I contacted 2 of them as well. I hope all is well.

Drummer Dave


Thanks. Still haven’t heard from Juliet or Paige. Hope they will contact me. Thanks again. Thérèse