How is Turtling Bay area?

Hello! I’m new on the forum, we haven’t visited Roatan yet but came across some land in the Turtling Bay area. Was wondering if anyone who knows the island has any insight into that area, that part of the island etc. Would this be a decent area for a rental property?


@RoatanSupport Can help you answer this question.

In the interim, it would be nice to learn more about what your needs and interest are. Only then can we offer an opinion on whether the area might be good for you or not.

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@Babycow14 This is a private community I think you can find a family home lot with an ocean view, it is near Palmetto which gives you access to restaurants, bars, beaches, supermarkets, and not so far from the airport. However, I can’t give you an accurate answer about the place, its not my area of expertise but you can contact a realtor for more information. Here is a thread of Realtor recommendations: