Little French Key payment scam

I booked a tour for LFK on 4/24. I’m revising this post because the tour payment was honored. LFK is operating and completely safe! It’s just a weird divorce issue where the owners ex is writing crazy stuff online because he controls the web pages. My son was there today and had an awesome time! I had emailed the owner Larissa prob 10 times asking for assurance and she was right, everything was fine. Safe and gorgeous. I know it’s hard to ignore the ramblings on the web pages but try to. It’s all lies from a disgruntled ex. Don’t miss out, my son texted me to say how unbelievable it was. You can also see on Instagram that people are there and it’s all good

The place is open but indeed, Ownership has been transferred. What’s your order number?

But why has there been a hostile take over? None of this makes any sense. Does anyone know what’s actually going on? The only answers I’m seeing are “ownership has changed,” which is not a decent explanation.

it was a money laundering operation, it was a ugly divorce situation, it’s a place you should stay very far away from. and yes, please shout it from the rooftops… STAY away from LFK

My son was there today on a cruise and went there. It’s all good. The webpages are controlled by the ex still and he’s writing some crazy stuff. They are still in court. My son said it’s amazing. Also you can see posts #littlefrenchkey on Instagram of people that have been there recently. I was worried too but I emailed Larissa Many times and she assured me everything was fine. The webpage stuff is all weird lies. Hope this helps.

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