Looking for rental for December

Hi all,

A friend and I are looking for a place to rent for the month of December, with possibility of extending after that if possible. Anything with two bedrooms. AC better but not necessary. We’d like to have reliable and fast internet (we work online), but open to the possibility of getting that at a co-working space if not possible at home.

We’re two Canadian guys in our thirties. Well travelled, kind and respectful. Not looking for a place to party, we’re here to work and enjoy a beautiful new area on our free time.

Any leads will help. We’ve been looking at Airbnb and the gringo prices are a bit much ! More expensive than living downtown Montreal. :joy:

Thanks ! :blush:

-Patrick & Aaron

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Hello there,
There is place on West End which will run you $50 or so a night…A/C - one bedroom, and right on the beach in the heart of West End.

Contact Zeiller: +504 9914-9196