Recommend an aattorney to help with applying for residency

Would like an attorney to help with residency application.

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Have you checked our previous threads? Here’s one that can help you

For quick, professional, knowledgeable service for residency I recommend Nancy Rodas. Hands down she gets it done efficiently and with a personalized attention to your needs and subsequent questions. Contact her at 9909-2500 or at I personally started my residency with Lissa Assafura and then Villella and Villella…both handed me off to junior legal staff and it just was a heckuva long and expensive trip trying to get it done. Tugliani is a great law firm but their focus is not on residency. As far as real estate needs: Annie Miles at RE/MAX is a great agent and knows the intricacies of buying and what’s available. She won’t waste your time.


Hi Utila Family, does anyone know what type of power plug is used in Utila and the surrounding islands? I live in the States and will be in Utila on August 19th, 2023.
Thanks and cannot wait!

Johnny Collins

The outlets are the same as the US

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