Question about Tabyana Beach Club

Hi All,

We are cruising to Routan in Jan 2023. I often choose the Tabyana Beach Club excursion but for some reason the excursion isn’t listed nor do I see it available on a third party excursion. Also their FB page says they are closed but this was posted some time ago. This makes me wonder if the club is closed and more so if there are still Covid restrictions in the area. Can anyone shed some light on the club and maybe even the status of West Bay in general? Thanks so much!

Good Morning, I live in West Bay and it’s a beautiful as ever! Come on down. I was just as Tabyana a week or so ago and it was open. Having said that there are so many places for you to hang out on West Bay Beach. You can just grab a cab and get dropped off anywhere along WB. Bananarama, The Grande, Mayan Princess, Argentinian…just to name a few.

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I am not familiar with Tabyana Beach Club so thought I’d do some research! I live on the east end of the island and don’t venture to the west very often so I love an excuse to take a look around.

I see reviews as recent as August and September 2022 on Tripadvisor, so that along with Roatannie’s comment, makes me believe Tabyana is alive and well! Enjoy your time on Roatan- it is our Paradise!

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