Rental Unity Return on Investment

Anyone venture to say the rentability on a 2 bed/bath condo in Westend?

How many rental weeks a year for return on investment?


I am not sure if there are “formal” surveys on this. In fact, I’d be willing to wage a friendly bet that there aren’t any.

That said, West End is likely to be one of the better spots to make an investment because of the number of local residents who live there to support the business activity in the town. West End is somewhat insulated from the seasonal highs and lows which are felt all over the island each year.


If by “rentability” you mean, will it rent? the answer is yes.
If by “rentability” you mean, how much can it rent for? the answer is, anywhere from $300 to $600 per month. Thats as good as I can do with the information you’ve provided.
You can rent it year round if you rent to a local working in the dive industry. Or, it can remain empty during the slow season if you’re banking on VBRO bookings.

Lets see photos and location…then we can talk more.


The condo location is at Cocolobo/West end.

2 bed with on-suite. AC. Easy walk to half moon and West end fun.