Retiree residency household goods duty free importation - limitations

For those that have imported goods duty free under the retiree residency exemption, can you share a few learnings:

  1. Was there a limitation on the container size (i.e. 20 ft vs. 40 ft)

  2. Were there limitations on what is considered ‘household’ goods? i.e. could you put a small 4x4 or motorcycle in as part of the household goods?

  3. Can my partner (not legally married) claim the same exemption at a later date?

Appreciate your feedback…


Hello @Dough18 - And welcome to the forum.
Here is a link that may address some of your questions, at least in part:

  1. 40 Ft containers are common and not considered over the “limit”
  2. Yes, you can claim a personal vehicle and a motorcycle as part of your household goods. Vehicle taxes apply.
  3. Yes.