Retirement on the Horizon so many questions

Hi there! Retirement is getting closer and we are done with Pacific Northwest winters. After visiting Roatan a few times via a cruise it made the list to check out for a retirement option. Finally booked the trip! My husband and I will be visiting Roatan late Feb for 2 weeks and would love to meet or talk with some expats who call Roatan home either full time or part time. We will be staying in Sandy Bay but hope to explore the island.

Is there any place that we must visit or anything that we must do/see?

Also we will be needing a car is there one place that is better than another?

We of course want to check out the West End but we are also curious about the East End which seems more remote. Is there anywhere that we should avoid or be extra cautious or just normal precautions?

Last important question is there anywhere on the island to watch College Basketball? The Zags have 3 games while we are there LOL. We are really excited to finally get to visit and stay for a bit. It is such a beautiful island we can’t wait!

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Hello and welcome @DJPinthewoods,

You’ve come to the right place and we look forward to having you in Roatan.

Regarding your question (above), here is a link to another topic on our forum, which may point you in the right direction: