Service Dogs

Can anyone tell me where I can find the rules / laws for service dogs on Roatan? I can’t seem to find anything online. Please and Thanks you!

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Hello @Alonso,

What specific rules or laws are you after?

In general, service dogs can serve their purpose under similar guidelines as exist in the US. In other words, we don’t have “stricter” rules on Roatan. If anything, you’ll notice the opposite. Either rules don’t exist and or they are not enforced.

I would recommend you contact your local operators, tour guide, or hotel to ask specific questions about your specific situation.

Let me know if we can be more helpful.

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Thanks for the help. I was hoping to find Honduran law(s) governing service dogs. The US has the American w/ Disabilities Act. I found the vaccine requirements. I wanted to insure that businesses specifically restaurants would be welcoming of my dog. I have traveled abroad extensively and it’s pretty hit and miss; most uneducated people believe my dog is a pet and it causes unwanted friction. I really appreciate the help!

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