St. Helene Island (Santa Helena)



@CaribbeanCowboy Are there enough comps to ascertain what one could expect to pay for an acre of land? Or do prices run all over the place?


The prices fluctuate considerably Deep Thinker. It depends on who’s selling as well as location, i.e. hillside or waterfront.


Thank you. One more questions, can one expect a clear title? Are the title records kept at the Santos Guardiola court house? I am wondering if the price and the title status might be related?


All land owner documents are suppose to be on file at the JSG Municipal building in Oak Ridge.
AS for legal ownership of properties, you and your abagado will want to see either a Dominio Plano or an Escurita Publico for the property you are interests in. Any documentation other than the two I just mentioned will be subject to scrutiny. ALWAYS have a reputable lawyer do a thorough background search on any properties that are considered for purchase.
In regards to your last question, no, I do not feel documentation will play a factor in pricing a property.