Vegetable Gardening

Hello everyone! Does anyone here grow vegetables on their place? My husband and I love our garden in the US and would like to be able to continue that once we move to Roatan in 2 years.

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I have attached some pictures. I built to raised beds that are 3 feet high by 4 feet by 8 feet so it is easier on the back and knees. I just started vegetable seeds in pots and within four days the tomatoes came up. The season is 12 months which is great. My wife and I go to Aqua Fit and a lady and her husband gave us a bunch of cuttings and coconut palm trees. You should see their place. They are so generous with their plants.

I would also recommend you join this Facebook group. Roatan Garden Society

I have been following this Aussie since his climate is somewhat similar. You can skip to 4:20 This what I am building. We have been collecting material to fill the beds. Think of it as something the height of your kitchen counter and you go out and pick your vegetables.

[How Stand Up Raised Beds Makes Food Gardening Easy-er

This video is about how stand up raised bed food gardening can make your life so much easier! Support me on Patr…

I started the video at 4:30

These are some Facebook groups you should join for more information on Roatan.

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  • Positively Roatan

  • Expats in Roatan

  • Roatan Discussion Group

  • Roatan Garden Society

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  • Roatan Bulletin Board & Classified Ads

  • SM Organic-Bay Islands Friends

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Thank you so much! I will check into all of this info. We look forward to following your advice.

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There is a fantastic online course on permaculture and a great global community to learn how to garden in any climate in a way that is also great for the planet. Im interested in creating a school to teach this in Roatan as a way to help save the reef and build climate resilient communities in the region. Any connections with like minded others or someone with farmland for sale would be great.