What is the Geography & Elevation like in Roatan?

I think I’ve spotted a correction…the West side of the island is the highest. The video claims (min. 0:42) that the elevation increases from 750 ft on the W est, to 1,100 ft on the east. I thought it was the other way round…whereby the west side had the higher elevation?. Elevation decreases as you go east. I may it all wrong, you tell me…

I learned that there are 62 Cays in the area. Good stuff. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you “Deep Thinker” but I believe that you are incorrect. The Bay
Islands is an ancient mountain range. West, (Utila), and as you “head
east”, (an old favorite rock band of mine) the elevation increases to over
100 feet by the time you get to the Camp Bay and Port Royal areas and over
feet by the time you include Guanaja the high point of the “range”. There
are trees on the east end of the island, (like teak), that only grow there
due to the increase in elevation from the west end of the island.

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The elevation increases from West to East on the average. Guanaja enjoys some of the highest and most dramatic views. Utila, by contrast, is low to the ground compared to Roatan and Guanaja.

It is true that the east side of the island has flat lands, but it also has high mountain ridges.

Thank you It seems I need to do more research on this.

That said using the elevationmap.com site you sent the highest elevation I can find on West Bay Rd. is near Galindo’s zip line was 343 feet, ( Latitude 16.2821 N Longitude 86.5915 W ) and on the east end 368 ft. Latitude 16.42239 N Longitude 86.28778 W

Thanks again

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I looked at that too and scratched my head…but it was the best source I could trust.

@Larry32roatan I liked the little intel you drop in earlier, (about the Teak-like trees)…Good stuff. So many spend a life-time on the island and never know this.

Larry32roatan & RoatanOnline, I side with you. Increases from West to East. Flats on the east but also higher points as well.