Where are the largest expat communities located. Safety concerns

Husband and I researching areas to live in Roatan. We know from reading online that the largest expat communities are in West End and West Bay, but we are curious if there is a large expat communities in places like French Harbor. As far as safety goes, what areas are considered the most safe? What areas would you consider unsafe and reasons why.

We realize of course that no place is 100% safe and that crime does happen, that said we would like to hear what the locals say on the matter.


We stayed in the East End at Marble Hill Farms at the end of January, just east of Punta Blanca. We spent most of our time in and around Oak Ridge and Jonesville Point. Tons of expats. We never once felt unsafe and one of the locals ended up taking us to his family restaurant in Punta Gorda at night. We felt totally safe. We loved it so much that we bought property on Caribe Point just West of Jonesville Point and we plan on moving there permanently! The East End is much quieter and laid back. Not as touristy. And the tourists are typically who attract the bad intentions. I would definitely put the East End on your list of places to consider!


Thank you so much for answering. I will definitely keep it in mind. We want to interact with a wide cross section of people and make the island our home. Of course we will frequent the tourist areas on occasion, but we really want to get to know locals, expats, tourist and all.

We are looking to find a place that will bring us peace and a little bit of heaven.


Sandy Bay is one of the largest residential areas and its filled with ex-pats. Also very convenient to grocery stores, gas stations, banks and shops. I suggest looking there for many choices whether you prefer on the beach or looking out over the sea if you live on the hills.


Hello @TrixieBelle723 - I tend to agree with @Carol_Luber, Sandy Bay should definitively be on your short list. A close second would be the southern end of the West Bay area. In particular the MarVisa or lighthouse communities.

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