Why Have an RTN

What does having an RTN get me at grocery store or hardware store? Do I have to keep track of receipts & do something with those?

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This helps entrepreneurs reduce their taxes at the time of paying their taxes to the Government. Every time they purchase something they need to ask a receipt with RTN. The more taxes you declare with your purchases, the less you pay in tax to the Government.

What about a retired guy who only pays Property Tax (land purchased with this RTN) and owns a truck (purchased using this RTN) and has Personal Taxes paid to the Municipal (Uses HN ID for the records)?
Is the RTN something the Municipal takes into account or checks in order to charge enough for Personal Tax or Property Tax?
(When I paid last week, it was ridiculously low - so was it the “account” or RTN had sufficient activity to allow a lower fee?).
Thank You