Xbalanque Resort, Roatan

Xbalanque Resort Landing Page

A warm welcome to Xbalanque Resort. They were kind enough to provide a few images and we put together a landing page for them on our main website. We look forward to adding value to their business in the days ahead.

You can read more about Xbalanque [HERE]


My first impression of Xbalanque came from a water Taxi traveling between West Bay and West End. It was just before sunset during the so-called “blue hour”…the sun had just set, but there was still light. They folks at Xbalanque had lights hanging over their deck near the beach front, and I thought to myself…“what a wonderful world.”

Cheers to you. You have a lovely establishment.

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…Water Taxi - @ReefObserver how far off the shore? is swimming safe off the shores of Xbalanque?


Yes, swimming is safe. The taxi lane is well off the shoreline. That said, I would recommend snorkeling on nearby West Bay…the underwater formations and reef are stunning there.


What water here is calm and perfect for swimming, safe too. Water Taxi that does go by know to keep their distance and rides slow enough to avoid snorkelers.