I have made a promise to educate as many people as possible about the corruption and illegal activity on this island. The local government runs it like a modern-day mob organization! They make up their own rules and then execute an illegal search and seizure of private property! (live well kept and cared for animals)!

I have seen the injustice for myself and I’m worried about the amount of American tourist that travel to this destination. It is not safe to be here with the locals as devoted to corruption as they are!

#boycottroatan Please Sign and Share…

Once again, today, our home, our staff and our animal family had been victims of a brutal abuse of authority.

Leaving our hearts in pieces and devastated they drugged, intimidated and took our angels, our lovely creatures away from us! Us: the people who day by day have worked hard to provide them the best habitat, food and most all the love of the world and raise them as happy beings!

Today in this dark and most sad day of all, we appeal to your kind hearts, love, and support to help us step these unfair acts internationally, by signing and spreading the word!



Thank you!! What is happening to Little French Key must stop. To make this right the animals need to be returned and Little French key open in peace!

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Our situation is complex. And while we first pitched the idea of a “#Boycottroatan” hashtag, we did so in the heat of the moment. Moving forward, we will put our efforts behind the #ReturnOurAnimals hashtag. Thank you for your continued support.

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NO. Boycotting Roatan is not a good idea.