Little French Key

Has LFK been following protocol with the building of the new bar area? What happened to the animals that were taken?


Hello @Kelly_Herndon,
We understand that @LittleFrenchKey has hired a new general manager. An Italian man who seems to be on top of things. Our understanding is that they no longer offer the jaguar excursion. Also, just this past weekend, they upgraded their website. There do appear to be two photos of Jagars on their site, but they have removed the option to book at Jaguar excursion.

By all accounts, they seem to have turned the corner and they social media activity seems to be focused on touristic activity and not in turmoil.

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hummmm…kinda, that always depends on who you ask. I’d say they have done a better job that they were doing. They’ve done enough to keep the law from coming down on them and they seem to be rebuilding nicely.

New Bar on property I’ve heard.


Not sure where the animals ended up. Last time this happened, they ended up in Barbareta at Kelcy Warrens place.

Thanks for your reply but this answers neither question…

I ask because I know it takes time to get permits here in the states. Not sure how long the process would be there. I know that it has taken some time previously and they went ahead with the work anyway and were fined for it.


Thank you. I was just wondering about the health of the animals that were confiscated.


I responded with what I new in hopes of answering your question at least in part. The honest answer to your question is this: “No one here knows, as no one here is on staff for Little French Key.” - In other words, any responses you get here will be speculative at best.

You may consider reaching out to Little French Key directly and privately.

I mentioned the new hire, as a way to let you know that they have someone at the helm who appears interested and able to operate a resort professionally, and that includes keeping the operation up to code. But no one here will know for sure.