Little French Key Under Siege

QUESTION: What is worse? Ownership who allegedly carried out construction without proper permits, or local authorities who allegedly carried out demolition work on private property without proper due process?


Demolition of construction was done in tourist complex Little French Key, allegedly due to the lack of a municipal permit.

Attorney Gina Ramos, Judge of municipal justice and in compliance with a resolution issued on February 26 of this year, where the owners of Litle French Kay were given an order to stop construction on various structures because the local authorities had not issued the proper permits.

According to urban planning and UMA environmental, municipal inspections, and despite this order, work continued, giving way to the sanction established by law to demolish the construction site.

The national police, municipal police, Marine Park, ICF, Urbanism, Bica, Zolitur, and Uma were present in this process.


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