Master Carpenter, and general construction needing work

I have a father who is located in Honduras, can speak english, and is a master carpenter: he can build any requested item, has items already made, and can remodel or even build new houses.

He can also do foundation work, and most other things you can think of when it comes to remodeling.

He has an amazing skill set, he just doesn’t know of all the ways he can offer them to people: I am here to help him until I go over in 2025.

If you know of anyone that may need services for house remodeling, or wanting original furniture, please contact me here or on my email.
I will upload a few pictures showing his work, and if you would like to see more just contact me.


He’s a competent, honest, and hard working individual, and very family oriented. He is willing to work with anyone about pricing after you discuss the details together. He’s very transparent in his pricing and work ethics.

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