Relocating to Roatan

Hello, I am retired military and my wife is finishing her last year teaching school. we are looking to retire from Maine down to the islands and Roatan looks like the best place for us at this time. I lived for while on Exuma but Roatan seems to have more to offer at a better price. are there any other ex military on this site and where would be a good place to look for a house/community. I think the east side would fit me better, we are coming down to check it out for her April break.


Hello @rtaylor2018

The online forum will help you to connect and meet new people as you are in the process of moving. Consider browsing through our forum. Here’s some information that the community has previously discussed:

As a fellow Mainer thinking of the same move, I would love to keep in touch. I’ve never been to Roatan but hear good things.

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Good morning, there are a fair amount of retired military/ex-military as well as law enforcement on the island. I found that most are guarded with this information and won’t divulge it until they are relaxed (a couple of drinks). Where on the East End are you looking? How far east are you willing to go? Good luck with the move, if you have any more questions I will try my best to help you find the answers.

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