SEO Work for Roatan Websites

How familiar are you with the SEO world?


Hey Guys thank you for the response.


I could say i am at intermediate level and constantly improving and reading about best practices in the seo world following guys like Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin to develop knowledge and different game plan for different situations.

@RoatanOnline Thank You

Here’s a list of my services

1.Audit Site ( this I do it to figure how is the site doing on the internet and start developing a plan for ranking or what to target first)

2.Keyword Research ( what keywords the site should focus on and find long tail keywords).

3.On-site and off- site Seo ( here i take action into putting keywords on the site within its content and the use of h1 h2 etc).

4.Webdesign html or wordpress design ( My partner works with html i handle more the wordpress )

5.Link building ( in this part of the process i go hunt for quality links to point to your site or reach out to blogs to gain guess post opportunities and build links from it * I DO NOT GO SPAM OTHER SITES this is a bad strategy that can hurt your site with latest google updates about how they rank sites)

6.Building citation ( this is good for businesses with multiple locations and want them feature on google maps)

7.Competitive research ( with tools i use i look for opportunities base on your competitor to determine what to target and out rank them)

  1. Google Ads and facebook ads I can also provide support with setting up google ads and facebook ads campaigns.

  2. social media management ( post content on all different platforms available ).

I probably miss something but hey that’s some of the things I do. Also i have done some work for guava grove hotel in sandy bay you guys are more than welcome to visit the site and also ask Cheryl the owner about her experience with me!

One key thing to mention I do not go promise you first page on google the first week or months SEO takes time and patience.

But ranking in Honduras is less complicated than the US. Services can be done in English and Spanish.

Thank You For letting me share my stuff cheers :beers:


This appears to be a solid set of skills. Can you estimate the number of backlinks which you can generate using your non spam method?


What is a reasonable monthly budget for Facebook Ads?


@Barracuda Let me ask you what are you expecting to get from facebook ads

  1. Gain Exposure
  2. Generate revenue
    base on the response i will answer

quick tip on how to cheat when creating facebook ads one way to gain more impressions and keep your ads on top, create a multiple set of ads sharing the same budget run one for a few hrs stop it and run the next one for the few hrs this help because facebook goal is to run out of your budget quickly by pushing your ad infront of everyone. So when facebook is pushing your ad for a few hrs stop it and run the next ads that way your ad stays on top. :male_detective:



Honest Answer is I do not know. Let me explain quality links are hard to obtain and this is by finding those sites within your market niche to allow you to earn a link.

The other way is doing guest posting on different blogs.

I will be lying to you if i tell you i can generate 20 links or just giving you a number base on time.

Is time, effort and patience.
I ll be here to answer any question :tropical_drink: