Thoughts on Milton Bight area…

What are everyone’s thoughts on the Milton Bight area?!? I like the tranquility and the beach is very, very nice. But, have some concerns on the remoteness, safety, etc. appreciate any thoughts!

We have managed homes in Milton Point since 2015 and have never had any issues with our guests safety.
Everyone loves the peace and tranquillity that is found there. It is remote, yes so renting car rental is recommended.
As most beaches the sand flies can be a nuisance so spray or a bug repellent is recommended.

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Love Love Love It!

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Love the pic. Will definitely check it out.

remote, remote with no bars nor restaurants nor grocery stores. very pretty sunsets if that’s what you’re focused on. But those sunsets are available everywhere on the island.


There are other places on the Island that would probably appreciate you better. Good Luck.